Symbol Platform Finally Came Out to Bring New Opportunities

The launch of a new platform by NEM was announced on March,15th but it actually came off a couple days later. Its development took four years, and the entire crypto community patiently waited for it to be ready. The launch was delayed due to a configuration error that affected the work of node.

Symbol is special because it allows to convert different properties from the real world into security tokens. You can create digital assets with the unique identifiers thanks to the special feature called “mosaics” with the configurable properties. The transactions are paid with the native platform’s XYM tokens. The holders of XEM tokens that will be left in the older version of the network will get the same amount of XYMs in the new one.

XYM isn’t listed on any exchange yet. Recently NEM airdropped the new tokens and they were traded for about $0.50. XEM overall added 1,100% within the last year. The airdrop of XYMs was supported by the biggest crypto exchanges, although they are yet to list the new token.

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