SushiSwap Denies Having a Critical Bug In Their System

A white hat hacker found a bug on SushiSwap protocol that threatens the users’ assets for $1 billion worth. The vulnerabilities were found on two smart contracts, MasterChefv2 and MiniChefv2, as the hacker claims.

SushiSwap doesn’t seem to agree with that. As the information became public due to the developers of the liquidity provider being unresponsive, the response was that there is no threat for the funds belonging to the users. The developer of SushiSwap under a pseudonym wrote that on Twitter.

Interesting is the fact that SushiSwap previously encouraged users to look for the bugs in their system. They even promised a reward of approximately $400,000 for those who will find them. However, this case didn’t get a compensation; SushiSwap insists that they were aware of this bug. 

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