Support for Bitcoin Will Be One Of the Development Priorities for Twitter

Twitter plans to add Bitcoin support to several of the company’s products and services, including subscriptions and commerce.

According to Tech Crunch, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said to investors that Bitcoin, along with AI development and decentralization, will become one of the company’s three key growth areas.

Dorsey added that the BTC integration will allow Twitter to keep pace with the creation and development of new products. He thinks that Bitcoin is an important part of the future and the key to innovation in decentralization and new financial products.

“It is important for Twitter and investors to continue exploring and investing aggressively in this area,” emphasized Jack Dorsey.

He recalled that even Facebook is developing its own digital currency, Diem. Therefore, Twitter simply needs to go in this direction, and Bitcoin will be the best choice.

Earlier Jack Dorsey who leads Square Inc. together with Ark Investment released a whitepaper in which he paid special attention to the environmental issue of Bitcoin mining. There is a lot of discussion about high energy consumption while mining cryptocurrency, and he explained why Bitcoin mining is not that dangerous for the environment as many used to think.

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