Steve Wozniak Lost A Lawsuit Against YouTube For Fake Bitcoin Giveaway

Co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Wozniak lost a lawsuit against YouTube for distributing fraudulent videos by video hosting, Bloomberg reports.

According to a California judge, YouTube and its parent company Google LLC are protected by federal law. It protects Internet platforms from liability for user-posted content.

“Section 230 of the Communication Integrity Act should not apply because YouTube not only failed to remove fraudulent videos, but also “contributed significantly” to the fraud by selling targeted ads, driving traffic to videos, and falsely checking YouTube channels on who posted the videos,” Wozniak said in his lawsuit.

Santa Clara County Supreme Court Justice Sunil R. Kulkarnia said that these factors are not enough to overcome the immunity provided for in Article 230. Wozniak has 30 days to appeal the court’s decision.

The fraudulent videos portray Wozniak as the organizer of the prize draw. The video promised people who would send Bitcoins to double their contribution.

According to the lawsuit, the scheme also used the names and images of other celebrities, including the co-founder of Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates and the CEO of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk.

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