Sotheby’s Will Accept ETH Bids for Banksy

Sotheby’s will accept online bids in Ethereum (ETH) during an auction on November 18, which will feature works by world-renowned street artist Banksy.

According to Sotheby’s announcement, there has never been a prior case of an auction house accepting cryptocurrency as a currency to pay for physical works of art.

At The Now Evening Auction, Sotheby’s will showcase Banksy’s artworks titled Trolley Hunters and Love Is In The Air. In addition to ETH, the winners of the trades will be able to pay for lots in Bitcoin or USDC.

However, Sotheby’s still had the practice of accepting cryptocurrencies for lots at another auction of Banksy’s works. In May, Sotheby’s began accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum for this auction. The auction house also supported NFT projects.

And in June 2021, the famous auction house Sotheby’s sold a unique NFT CryptoPunk#7523, also known as COVID Alien, on a trading floor in London for about $11.8 million.

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