Sophia AI Robot Goes To the Metaverse

A tokenized virtual anime version of the world-famous humanoid robot with artificial intelligence (AI) named Sofia will be auctioned as part of the Noah’s Ark Metaverse project.

In 2016, Hong Kong-based firm Hansen Robotics created the Sophia AI robot. In the first 5 years of her life, Sofia applied to the UN and received Saudi citizenship.

Towards the end of 2021, former Hansen Robotics CEO and Sophia co-creator Jeanne Lim launched a virtual anime version of the robot called “Sophia beingAI” under a perpetual licence and co-branding partnership.

According to the announcement, on December 16, 100 iNFTs with an animated version of Sofia’s robot will be auctioned on the Binance marketplace as part of the Intelligent IGO (Initial Game Offering).

The auction will run for 5 days, and there will be twenty iNFTs released each day until its close on December 21st.

iNFTs are NFTs that embed intelligence in the form of an AI personality, which adds programmability to their immutable smart contracts. These smart NFTs can autonomously interact with people in the gaming environment in real-time.

The created 100 iNFTs will be supported in the Alethea AI Metaverse Noah’s Ark decentralized project. The collection was illustrated by comic book artist Pat Lee.

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