Snoop Released an Exclusive NFT “Decentralized Dogg”

A world-known rapper Snoop Dogg in partnership with NFT artist Coldie released the NFT “Decentralized Eyes Dogg” as part of a portrait series called “Decentral Eyes”.

An NFT featuring Snoop’s portrait was minted at the exclusive NFT collector’s marketplace, SuperRare, on November 29 at 7:15 pm UTC. The auction will continue until December 3.

The Snoop Portrait NFT for sale is a stereoscopic 3D collage of 10 different portraits of Snoop Dogg from different stages in his life. In addition, NFT also includes the original soundtrack from Snoop, which was created especially for this NFT. At the time of writing, the highest rate was 169 ETH (over $749,000 at the exchange rate at the time of writing).

NFT artist Coldie told Cointelegraph that Snoop Dogg’s managers have contacted him directly regarding the collaboration to create the NFT for SuperRare.

Snoop Dogg’s management team was also considering using the drawings as augmented reality labels for wine bottles or as a book cover, the artist said.

Contemporary art connoisseurs will be able to admire this work at SuperRare nftnow x Christie’s “The Gateway” at Miami Art Week on December 3rd. She will also be featured at the Flagler Street Art Festival at Monolith during Art Week in downtown Miami from November 30 to December 5.

Previously, the American rapper Snoop Dogg became a partner of the virtual gaming world The Sandbox. Now the rapper’s mansion will be recreated in the virtual world, and he will also launch a new NFT collection.

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