Six People Are Put in Prison On Thodex Case That Is Still Going On

Turkish authorities are still investigating the case on an exit scam performed by Thodex crypto exchange. Six suspects were put in prison to wait for a trial. Among them are brother and sister of Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of Thodex who is currently out of Turkey and his trace is lost. Supposedly he is in Albania at the moment.

Interpol announced a red alert to ask other countries for help in finding Özer for prosecution and giving him away to the Turkish authorities. More than 83 people supposedly involved in this exit scam were arrested recently. Özer’s brother and sister are the suspects of the case too, because both are owning significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

Today the recently passed bill about banning the crypto payments in Turkey took legal force. Another Turkish crypto exchange VeBit closed last week. It announced that the end of their work is connected with the accusations in illegal financial operations and the arrests of the exchange workers.

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