Shiba Inu (SHIB) Has Launched Its Own Exchange ShibaSwap

Shiba Inu has launched its own decentralized Shiba Swap exchange, where users can exchange tokens and deposit SHIB. The launch of the platform was announced on Tuesday, July 6, on Twitter

According to investor Joe McCann, on the day of launch, ShibaSwap collected the largest number of trading fees. Shiba Migrator took second place, and Shib token took fifth place.

At the time of writing, the ShibaSwap contract ranked second in terms of consumption on the Ethereum network. The Shiba Inu token moved to 9th place.

Other DeFi coins have also risen in price due to the launch of a new decentralized platform. Joe McCann believes that a new season of DeFi tokens has started with ShibaSwap.

In June, Shiba Inu lost 12% of its value due to a technical problem running on Coinbase Pro. Perhaps this was the reason for the launch of their own ShibaSwap platform.

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