SHIB is Conquering the World! Meme Coin in Trend

According to WhaleStats, the 1000 largest ETH wallets contain SHIBs worth $2.35 billion.

SHIB accounts for 21.68% of the combined $2.35 billion market share, according to data compiled by WhaleStats on the Ethereum-based token stocks of the largest ETH wallets. The next largest asset in terms of holdings is’s own token, CRO, which stands at 5.54% at $603.9 million.

In terms of total market capitalization, according to CoinGecko, SHIB is currently ranked 11th in the crypto asset rankings.

The SHIB community doesn’t stop there. It has set itself the task of nudging platforms like Coinbase and Robinhood to list the asset for trading. Its petition to convince these exchanges garnered more than 530,000 signatures at the time of writing.

SHIB activist ShibArmy1365 called on fast-food chain McDonald’s to start accepting SHIB as payment.

McDonald’s responded that they appreciate the customer’s engagement and ongoing evaluation of the quality of payments.

While corporate PR accounts tend to ignore boilerplate messages, that hasn’t stopped the SHIB community. The post received over 500 retweets, 1400 likes and countless memes.

It is unclear how McDonald’s will operate, but SHIB adoption has skyrocketed across the board this month. Cryptocurrency payments company CoinGate announced on November 11 that it has opened support for SHIB. Samsung-backed digital wallet provider ZenGo also added a token to its platform on Wednesday.

Amid the recent pullback in the cryptocurrency market, which began around Nov 11, SHIB has seen a minimum gain of 4.1% at $0.00004854 at the time of writing. However, after hitting a record high of $0.00008616 on October 28, the SHIB fell 43.6%.

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