SEC vs. Ripple: Regulator ‘Couldn’t Recognize’ Ex-employee on Video

As you know, Ripple’s lawyers have been trying for quite a long time to attach to the lawsuit a video from the Fintech Week 2018 conference in which the former official of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) William Hinman stated that transactions with Ethereum are not “transactions with securities”.

Literally in April 2022, Judge Sarah Netburn, by rejecting the SEC’s petition, which was another attempt in the case against Ripple to disregard Hinman’s statement, since it is on him that the company’s lawyers rely on when building their defense, ordered this video to be included in the trial.

However, despite the ex-official being clearly visible and audible, the SEC was unable to “confirm or deny” the authenticity of the video.

“In view of all the above objections and after reasonable investigation, it can be concluded that there is not enough information known and available at the moment for the Commission to confirm or reject this request,” the regulator said.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in January 2019. The account under which the post was made appears to belong to interviewer Chris Brammer. William Hinman was serving as director of corporate finance at the SEC at the time.

According to a May 18 petition by Ripple lawyers, the Commission has not responded to a total of 53 RFAs on issues that are important to moving the case forward. The company noted that there are “no real disputes” on these points.

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