SEC Requires Terabytes of Slack Messages from Ripple

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said the Ripple Slack message file provided to it was incomplete and a huge amount of data was not collected.

As Ripple executives’ attorney James Filan twitted, the SEC filed a motion to the Southern District of New York on August 9. According to the Commission’s request, Judge Sarah Netbrunn must rule on the provision of correspondence of all Ripple employees on the Slack business communication platform.

The documentation notes that the Slack file previously provided by Ripple was incomplete. Ripple explained that this was caused by a data processing error.

However, the Securities and Exchange Commission believes that Ripple deliberately collected only part of the internal correspondence from Slack.

According to the SEC, the missing documents include over 1 million messages containing terabytes of data and surpassing Ripple’s email volumes. The Commission also stressed that even the part of the messages shared by Ripple contained much more critical data than the email correspondence or other company’s documents.

Subsequently, Ripple filed a request to extend the deadline for responding to the SEC’s request for Slack messages from Thursday, August 12 to Monday, August 16.

Earlier in the Ripple vs SEC case, US Justice of the Peace Sarah Netburn approved a request for the involvement of Binance’s records of Ripple’s financial transactions, which the SEC is making allegations on.

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