SEC Approves Volt Equity ETF That Provides Access To Bitcoin-Oriented Companies

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the Volt Equity ETF, which provides investors with easy access to companies that are revolutionizing the Bitcoin (BTC) industry.

The Exchange Traded Fund is designed to track companies that are revolutionizing the Bitcoin industry. According to SEC filings, these companies hold most of their net assets in BTC or receive most of their income from Bitcoin mining, and also provide loans. Such companies will receive 80% of the fund’s holdings.

The new ETF will soon be listed on the Arca New York Stock Exchange under the ticker BTCR.

Unlike other physically backed Bitcoin ETF offerings, the newly approved Volt Equity does not track the price of Bitcoin or hold the asset. Rather, it is targeted at companies that generate a significant portion of their business from Bitcoin-related activities. Thus, the Volt product is what is currently closest to pure Bitcoin ETFs for American investors.

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