SaTT Offers Extra Income for Social Media Content Creators

The SaTT platform provides users with the ability to manage their social networks through their advertising token, which enables the exchange of advertising and payment utilities. The platform named it a Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT).

According to Cointelegraph, smart contracts contain a promotional offer with data that is verified directly on the blockchain.

The new way of advertising SaTT uses early cryptocurrency codes, including airdrops and bounties, to prove the value it can have for the industry as a whole.

This way, social media enthusiasts can get paid for their tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and more, and businesses can interact with communities.

SaTT (SATT) entered the market on November 4th to allow users to trade on the Bittrex Global website as a part of the team’s plan to enter several of the world’s leading exchanges.

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