San Marino Approved eNFT-based VeChain Vaccination Certificate

The Republic of San Marino has approved an eNFT-based VeChain Vaccination Passport called the San Marino Digital COVID-19 Certificate, which can be verified worldwide.

The corresponding “Law – Resolution No. 109” was approved on June 16.

The digital guarantee of the project will be provided by cooperation with DNV.

Such a passport contains the information on the results of tests for COVID-19, medical history and a certificate of vaccination.

The certificate is recorded on the VeChainThor blockchain by linking a nonfungible enterprise token (eNFT) to a person’s medical history and can be issued upon request from the country’s approved health authorities.

The document contains two QR codes:

– the first QR code complies with the requirements and standards of the European Union, it can be scanned at customs or in medical institutions of the Member States of the Union

– the second QR code can be scanned by anyone in any country outside the European Union; it directs users to a web application where blockchain-based eNFT certificates can be verified.

According to VeChain, this is the first national implementation of eNFt.

Earlier, Renji Hospital, a top-ranking hospital in China, has partnered with VeChain and DNV to launch the world’s first smart healthcare project, MyBaby, a blockchain-based in vitro fertilization (IVF) service application.

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