Russian Sberbank Had to Unblock the Accounts Of the Bitcoin Trader

In Russia, the Sverdlovsk Regional Court ordered Sberbank to unblock the accounts and cards of a Revda resident who traded cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

As reported in the press service of the court, the accounts of the Sberbank client constantly received money from individuals from May to August 2020. The bank considered such transactions suspicious and blocked the client’s accounts and cards. In addition, the financial institution demanded documents confirming the source of income and an explanation of the operations being carried out.

After the bank’s client provided all the necessary documents, Sberbank did not unblock the accounts. And a resident of Revda appealed to the city court with a demand to remove the blockage, restore service and compensate for the moral damage.

However, the local city court dismissed the claim. Therefore, the bank’s client was forced to appeal to the regional court, which had already ruled in favour of the plaintiff. However, the court of the second instance still refused to satisfy the moral damage, since the law on consumer protection in this situation does not work.

At the moment, in Russia, there is no clear legislation regulating the cryptocurrency sphere. But trading is still not forbidden. Usually, in such cases banks that do not want to take responsibility wait for a court decision.

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