Ripple’s Lawyers Blame SEC On Ruining Their Business by Postponing the Hearing

Ripple’s lawyers demand from the SEC to speed up the lawsuit process. The company loses a lot of money during this lawsuit, and the recent request of the Commission addressed to Analisa Torres about the 60 days postponement in the case will make them lose more. The company had to ask for dismissal of this postponement because it is devastating for their business.

The lawyers of the company believe the SEC should have known what facts they need to have against Ripple, and the absence of these facts is clearly a sign of indiscretion. If they would have been ready to speak against the company, they wouldn’t need to postpone the hearing.

Ripple believes that the SEC may try to confuse the court by referring to their previous lawsuits against the company. They stand on the fact that the SEC never informed them about breaking the law by trading XRPs. It looks like the Commission will have serious problems if they lose that case against Ripple.

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