Ripple Won the Lawsuit Against Tetragon

Ripple Labs won the lawsuit against Tetragon investment group that started in January, 2021. It was about the shareholders agreement, and Tetragon claimed they want to buy back the $175 million worth of the shares.

They were one of the biggest Ripple’s investors but the only one that came up with such a request. SBI Holding even supported Ripple in court. The Delaware Court of Chancery ruled in favor of Ripple Labs, and now Tetragon will have to pay the court costs that reached $3.4 millions.

This good news contributed to the growth of XRP that is doing quite well this week. Growing steadily due to different factors, it added overall 90% in a week. It’s an absolute triumph of Ripple and their token that is now testing the $1.8 level.

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