Ripple Will Provide 1 Billion XRP to the Development of the XRP Ledger Ecosystem

Ripple will provide 1 billion XRP, approximately $794.24 million in grants for developers of the XRP Ledger ecosystem. Applications for grants are accepted until March 28.

Developers will be required to create an accelerator where XRPL-based projects will receive financial and advisory support, including training and mentoring. They will also have to develop the XRPL DeFi ecosystem.

The firm plans to establish a fund that will partner with universities to increase the influx of specialists into the ecosystem. The structure will also work with organizations representing the interests of minorities.

In addition to all this, it is planned to expand the composition of the XRPL Grants jury to ensure a diversity of points of view when evaluating projects.

The website of the initiative says that teams that create basic technologies and user-oriented products can apply for grants. In particular, Ripple noted sidechains, NFTs, infrastructure and network security-related projects, as well as developer tools.

Earlier, Ripple announced publishing documents on the status of XRP.

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