Ripple and MoneyGram No Longer Work Together

The partnership between a blockchain company Ripple and a payment system MoneyGram is officially over. MoneyGram suspended trading on their platform due to the notorious trial that took place between Ripple and SEC. The collaboration was rather fruitful but MoneyGram became one of the many companies that stopped working with Ripple because of this trial.

MoneyGram and Ripple became partners in July, 2019. Since then, they managed to achieve a lot. The transactions of billions of dollars were sent and received throughout their collab, and together they provided a fast and cheap service people needed.

The company is patiently waiting for the proper regulation of the field to give people the needed service without further problems with law. They believe the clarification of the rules to follow is essential for the industry as it’s able to solve many problems of their customers and to make the entire financial system better.

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