“Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki Is Going to Buy Bitcoins As He Predicts the Decline

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ book predicted that Bitcoin will decline because of the FED’s actions. He is sure that Bitcoin didn’t crash because of Elon Musk as the entire crypto community believes. 

Kiyosaki blames the FED and the President of the United States Joe Biden himself. As he wrote in his Twitter, the poor monetary policy and crediting crisis are going to lead to a massive economic recession and really hard times are coming. 

He is sure that investing money in such assets as gold, silver or Bitcoins is necessary now. Kiyosaki is sure that money printing will lead to the collapse of the USA’s power. He himself predicts the decline of Bitcoin and is going to get ready for hard times by buying the dip.

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