Revolut Donates Up To £1.5m To Help Ukraine

The CEO of the fintech startup Revolut, Nikolay Storonsky, in an open letter called for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine.

In the letter, Storonsky explained that he, like many others, cannot believe what is happening now. And he added that Revolut users donated more than 1 million pounds to the Red Cross of Ukraine in just a day.

He promised that over the next seven days the company would also transfer up to 1.5 million pounds to help the Ukrainians.

In addition, Revolut has exempted customers in Ukraine from commissions for transfers using the application.

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the crypto community has been able to collect and donate millions of dollars to various charitable organizations to help the Ukrainian people and army.

The BTC-Alpha team together with trusted volunteer communities created a charity fund ‘‘Alpha for Ukraine’. You can make a donation to help everyone in Ukraine who needs medicines, humanitarian aid and to support the defence of the country.

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