REvil Hacked the Networks Of 200 American Firms And Demands $70 Million In Bitcoins

A group of Russian hackers, REvil, hacked the networks of about 200 American companies and are demanding $70 million in Bitcoin for recovery.

The ABC News reported that hackers had compromised the networks of companies that used the Kaseya software. More than 1 million machines were attacked. In return for $70 million, the hackers promised to provide a decrypter to restore computers.

“On Friday, we launched an attack on [managed service providers],” the ransomware posted on the darknet Happy Blog site. “More than a million systems were infected.”

Oddly enough, the scammers are becoming more insolent, despite the fact that they are under the watchful eye of the FBI day and night.

Not so long ago, scammers who hacked the decentralized Easyfi project withdrew only $6 million from the platform’s financial pool. The hackers managed to pull it off by gaining the remote access to the computer of Easyfi CEO Ankitt Gour. And from there they’ve got access to the DAI and USDT pools.

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