Record on Cardano – The Smart Contracts Platform Has One Million Wallets

The Cardano smart contracts platform (ADA) now has one million wallets.

On May 22, the Cardano Foundation announced a breakthrough in a proof-of-stake blockchain, noting that over 70% of ADA’s are hosted globally in nearly 2,500 active pools.

Cardano business analyst and enthusiast Peter Nierop tweeted that thousands of new ADA wallets are being created every day, even as prices drop.

“Historical day, 1,000,000 wallets reached. We clearly have to encourage new people to stake their ADA as it gives them very good rewards, it’s simple to do, and it helps in protecting the network. Speed of wallet creation, even when price is down, is over 6,800 per day,” Nierop wrote.

He even gave an example of a chart showing how the number of ADA wallets has grown almost 5 times in just five months.

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