Razer Considers Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Global PC gaming equipment manufacturer Razer is considering accepting cryptocurrency payments.

According to the CEO of Razer Inc. Ming-Liang Tang, the users have long been interested in Razer’s plans for cryptocurrencies. But the company is concerned about the impact of the cryptocurrency industry on the GPU market and the environment.

“Had our AGM today and one of the shareholders asked during the Q&A if we had plans in crypto space. My answer: Our user base is interested in crypto – but we’re concerned about the impact it has on GPUs and the environment. But it’s definitely something we’re exploring right now,” Tan wrote.

He also added that he is only studying various cryptocurrencies and technologies:

“It’s still early days, I’m personally learning more about the different cryptos and tech out there. Unlikely we’ll issue our own crypto, but I won’t rule out us accepting one or more of the cryptos out there for our hardware/services”.

One of the users in the comments noted that cryptocurrencies are reducing the number of buyers of the company’s products.

“I hope you know that crypto is actively decreasing your customer base, right? I dropped out of the PCMR because I cannot even hope to get a decent graphic card thanks to this energy consuming, environment destroying assholes. No PCMR means no mouse, and no keyboard,” he wrote.

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