Raoul Pal’s Remark Fueled the Discussions in the Crypto Community

A recent remark dropped by Rauol Pal, the CEO and co-founder of the Real Vision, went viral on crypto media. Pal said that Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with the network effects can beat Bitcoin over time. 

Pal compared the chart of Bitcoin and Ethereum prices since 2015 and noticed that ETH’s growth was 250% bigger. Bitcoiners weren’t having it; Brad Mills said that it would be more correct to compare them since their first days. Willy Woo regards the potential of Ethereum as not that big and believes that it may only grow when Bitcoin grows.

Last November the author of What Bitcoin Did podcasts challenged Pal to a bet that in a year BTC will push Ethereum down. Pal predicted the growth of ETH closer to BTC’s price. He who loses the bet will fly the winner over for drinks to London or Cayman Islands.

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