Pro-Trump MAGACOIN website leaks users’ data

The website of the MAGACOIN cryptocurrency has experienced a massive leak of users’ data.

According to The Guardian, passwords, email addresses and IP addresses of users have become available due to poor security configuration on the project’s website.

The cryptocurrency MAGACOIN got its name from the famous slogan of the former US President Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again”. Initially, about 75 million MAGACOINs were created.

According to the description on the coin’s website, the cryptocurrency was created by “America’s first conservatives” due to the disappointment in the election results of November 3, 2020, when Donald Trump lost to his opponent Joe Biden.

The unnamed hacktivist told The Guardian that more than 1,000 people have joined the project, supporting Republican politics in the country. Most of the holders who registered in the project received 100 MAGACOINs each.

However, some have a much larger amount of coins on their accounts. For example, the creator of the project and used car dealer Mark Zelinka with the project manager Reilly O’Neill own 2 million MAGACOINs.

Also, a thousand MAGACOINs was offered to each media figure, radio presenter and mass group in exchange for the promotion of the cryptocurrency.

As you know, Donald Trump has never been a supporter of cryptocurrencies. Most recently, he stated that he considers Bitcoin to be an outright scam and that he does not like the fact that cryptocurrency is trying to compete with the dollar.

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