Polygon Creates a Liquidity Mining Pool With $40 Million Reward

Polygon is a project that offers a solution for Ethereum’s scalability. Their framework and PoS consensus algorithm helps processing the transactions faster and cheaper. Together with the DeFi-platform Aave, they launch a program to provide liquidity. In their Matic Plasma Network they will reward liquidity miners with their native MATIC tokens.

Aave is a platform specialized in crypto loans. Both lenders and borrowers will receive tokens for being active on a platform. Polygon created a pool of $40 millions to pay them their reward.

Speaking about the token, it shows a skyrocketing dynamic, adding 2,000% from the beginning of this year. Now it costs $0.37. However, Polygon isn’t the only solution for Ethereum’s scalability. There are many others because slow and expensive transactions are a real problem for the DeFi ecosystem, whose projects are mostly based on Ethereum.

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