Playboy Bunnies, Halloween With Martha Stewart and Other NFT News

Coinbase announced its first four NFT creators for the new platform, Martha Stewart decided to create her own Halloween-themed NFT collection, and Playboy will release 11,953 unique NFTs with animated rabbits.

Playboy tokenizes rabbits

PLBY Group, Inc, owners of Playboy magazine, have created their own NFT collection “Rabbitars” of 11,953 unique avatars featuring 3D animated bunnies.

According to the announcement, the Ethereum-based NFT collection includes exactly 11,953 tokens since Playboy was founded in 1953. Tokens will provide their holders with access to the Playboy Private Club, exclusive events, content and merchandise.

The launch of NFT on the official Playboy Rabbitar website will kick off on October 24 with a pre-sale to whitelisted investors ending on October 26. And the day after that, two public sales are launched, one for customers in USD and the other for those who pay ETH.

The cost of each NFT is 0.1953 ETH or its fiat equivalent ($814 at the time of writing).

According to Jamal Dauda, ​​Vice President of Blockchain Innovation at PLBY Group, Rabbitars are opening a genuine blockchain-based Playboy membership.

CryptoPunk is not for sale

The owner of CryptoPunk #6046 turned down an offer of 2,500 ETH for his tokenized punk avatar. To date, the amount offered in cryptocurrency exceeds $10 million. This sale would be the largest in CryptoPunks history.

The largest sale of CryptoPunk #3100 in March 2021 for $7.58 million, according to Larva Labs.

NFT CryptoPunk #6046 depicts a person with 3D glasses smoking a cigarette. It was originally bought for $83,209 by Twitter user Richerd and still owns it to this day.

Richerd said that the bet was placed after the announcement that this CryptoPunk is not for sale for any money. A startup called Poap decided to test this theory, and Etherscan showed a stake of 2,500 ETH.

“Come on, Richerd. Don’t you want to go down in history as the best CryptoPunk sale to date?” Poap teased.

Admitting that CryptoPunk is unlikely to be worth 2,500 ETH, Richerd immediately rejected the bet and stated that he would not accept even a $1 billion bet for his NFT because it has sentimental value to him.

Martha Stewart launches NFT for Halloween

Well-known TV host Martha Stewart has decided to launch her own NFT platform/collection called “Fresh Mint”.

The Fresh Mint platform is more of a gallery featuring Ethereum-minted NFTs that are auctioned and sold on the OpenSea marketplace.

Stewart dedicated her collections to the theme of Halloween. One collection has a photo of Stewart dressed in creepy Halloween costumes, and the other is a set of pre-cut and custom carved pumpkins.

The starting price for tokenized pumpkins is 2 ETH ($8,400) for already carved, and 3 ETH ($12,600) for carved to order.

At the time of writing, no NFTs have been bet yet.

First NFT Collections on Coinbase

Coinbase announced an agreement with the first four NFT creators to launch its NFT platform later this year.

At the moment, NFT on the platform will be created by Ponderware, creators of the popular MoonCats NFT project, Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, Forgotten Runes developers, popular DJ 3Lau and digital artist GxngYxng.

Coinbase has also denied rumours about other NFT founding partners, saying that if Coinbase did not officially report it, it is not true.

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