Phishing Scam Intensifies As Fake Ledger Wallets Enter the Scene

On Thursday, Ledger came out with a public warning about a new phishing scam sending customers fake hardware wallets for the crypto assets under the name of Ledger Nano. They are equipped with the hardware that steals the assets. Scammers produced a detailed and complex scheme of fooling people using a famous reliable brand name.

They modified Ledger Nano wallets with the malicious hardware, then packed them into Ledger boxes and sent them to the company’s customers, whose data they got from a database hacked back in 2020. In the box, the receivers found a letter explaining that they should switch onto these devices for the better safety of their assets. In the process of connecting the walet, victims were offered to launch a malware file. For restoring the access, a key phrase was required, and this is how scammers received control of the victims’ assets.

Ledger warns the community about this scam and invokes people to be careful if they receive hardware they didn’t order. They also remind that the company would never ask for someone’s key phrase, message their users first without their consent or communicate with them through phone or email.

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