People Will Be Able to Buy and Sell Tokens In the Shops Of the Largest Texas Supermarket Chain

In Texas, many H-E-B supermarkets will soon have a cryptocurrency cashing service available.

In 29 supermarkets of the H-E-B chain in the Houston area, Coin Cloud intends to install cryptocurrency ATMs, writes the Houston Chronicle. Thanks to the installed ATMs, customers will be able to buy and sell over 30 types of cryptocurrencies. Among the available for exchange will be Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), some DeFi tokens and stablecoins pegged to the US dollar.

Coin Cloud CEO and Founder Chris McAlary expects retailers to become increasingly aware of the important role cryptocurrencies play in shaping the future.

At the moment, Coin Cloud has already installed 2,000 ATMs in supermarket chains. Customers can transact using cash or credit and debit cards.

The H-E-B supermarket chain in Texas was founded in 1905. The chain has 400 stores all over the state of Texas and Mexico.

Progressive Grocer ranked the company as the 13th best food and supplies retailer in North America in 2021. In addition, many residents appreciate the company for its charity. The chain’s stores have provided food to people in the wake of major disasters, including a huge winter storm in early 2021.

Texas, thanks to the availability of renewable energy sources and the fact that the state allowed state banks to store Bitcoins, has become very attractive for cryptocurrency miners.

Banks could store cryptocurrencies before, but the latest notification enables interested banks to store copies of private keys and accept transfers in cryptocurrency to the wallets controlled exclusively by banks. They may also partner with third parties to provide these services.

In addition, banks with fiduciary powers may offer fiduciary custody services.

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