Payments in Crypto May Become Available on eBay Soon

A well-known USA-based e-commerce corporation eBay may integrate payments in cryptocurrency soon. Their CEO, Jamie Iannone, considers including digital assets into the company’s payment options. In his interview with CNBC he revealed that the company is interested in expanding its payment options and explores the crypto direction.

Iannone also said that the NFT field is interesting for them as well, and they research it to include the sales of nonfungible tokens into the list of their services. They want to keep up with the latest financial technologies following other big companies like Tesla who already integrated Bitcoin payments this year.

Back in 2019 there was a rumor that eBay started accepting cryptocurrencies as payments based on the advertisement banner from Consensus conference. Later this rumor was disproved by the company representatives but this time it’s likely to come true.

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