Paris Hilton Joined the ‘Laser Eyes’ Flashmob on Twitter

Recently Paris Hilton changed her avatar on Twitter by adding the effect of laser eyes and this news became viral. Even Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, reposted her tweet and greeted her for joining the family. What’s going on?

“Laser Eyes Challenge”is an online movement devoted to Bitcoin. The owners of such avatars believe that it will reach $100,000 soon. The laser eyes mean superpower and control, and it totally goes along with Bitcoimn’s dominance over the world of finance.

The movement was supported by many celebrities. Even Elon Musk put an anime girl with laser eyes on his avatar for a day. After this, Bitcoin started growing like it always does after Musk’s posts related to it, as a proof that laser eyes avatars might be right.

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