Over the Past Two Years, the Number of Crypto Spam Increased By 4000%

According to a report by analyst firm LunarCrush, cryptocurrency spam increased by 3,894% over the past two years.

According to researchers, most social media spam accounts are now managed by real people, making it difficult for software to track and flag spam.

Twitter, in particular, is flooded with spam and bots, which has seen an increase in spam by about 1374% over the past two years.

LunarCrush CEO Joe Vezzani believes that Twitter is deliberately “turning a blind eye” to fake accounts as it increases the social network’s popularity.

He also noted that Web 3.0 platforms like Lens Protocol or Aave’s Orbis, unlike Twitter, try to have as many real people among their users as possible.

Previously, Trend Micro detected that there are more than 200 variants of various applications on Google Play that are infected with Facestealer spyware.

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