Opera Browser Will Integrate .cryptocurrency Domain Names

Opera Browser has always been supportive towards cryptocurrencies. Now it expands the integration of the decentralized web pages by the Unstoppable Domains. This company provides the domain names, works with blockchain and is supported by Tim Draper. Domain names .cryptocurrency will be available for all their users on Mac, iOS, Linux, Android and Windows.

These domain names are minted as tokens on Ethereum blockchain and guarantee their users full control and ownership of their pages. They are sold as NFTs and are available starting from $40. The access to them will be as easy as the access to traditional .com pages, unlike the traditional complex blockchain addresses.

Opera became the first browser who made the decentralized Internet closer to a wide audience, because all their 320 millions users can use .cryptocurrency domains now. However, they note that VPN may be needed for the users to bypass the external limits.

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