One Word From Elon Musk Dumped 10% of Bitcoin’s Value

Elon Musk continues dumping Bitcoin, making the crypto community on Twitter burst into rage. After his hint about the possible scenario of Tesla getting rid of their Bitcoins, the first world’s cryptocurrency went 10% down. After his criticism of Bitcoin due to the environmental damage caused by its mining his popularity declined; now the crypto Twitter officially hates him.

Actually Musk didn’t even announce that Tesla removes Bitcoins from their balance sheet. He just commented with one word ‘indeed’ in response to an assumption that the company may do it. But it was enough for Bitcoin to go 10% down in 24 hours and for the crypto community to explode.

They blame him for trolling, lack of understanding what Bitcoin is and even pump and dump scamming. Musk recalls his experience of working for PayPal in the past as a proof to his understanding of money but even PayPal themselves didn’t support him in this discussion. Meanwhile Bitcoin is traded for $45,015 at the moment, climbing a little up after the dump.

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