Older People Are Quite Active on the South Korean Crypto Market

The South Korean crypto market deconstructs the stereotype that crypto is something that is only interesting for young people. Overall there is a boost in the amount of new participants entering the crypto market, and 6 from each 10 of them are 20-29 years old. But almost 6,000 of the newcomers are over 70.

Older crypto explorers completed a total amount of transactions on four biggest South Korean crypto exchanges of 2.7 million. It is often difficult for them to enter the crypto market because it requires some technological skills and risks most older people try to avoid. 

There is also a point of view that implies the social status of the older people who enter the crypto market is higher than of those who don’t move in this direction. Some of them might like the idea to invest in Bitcoin if they had enough savings. Others never belonged to professions that require technical skills and simply don’t know how to start.

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