Nomad Offered $190 Million Reward for Stolen Crypto Refunds

The Nomad bridge team announced that it is offering a reward of up to 10% of the amount stolen in a recent hack for a refund.

In the announcement of the reward, the team also attached the address of the wallet to which they are asking for the return of stolen crypto assets. Anyone who returns or has already returned funds can receive a reward. At the time of writing, more than $20 million has been deposited into the wallet to return cryptocurrencies.

Nomad co-founder and CEO Pranay Mohan said that Nomad will consider any hacker who returns at least 90% of the total funds taken from the hack a white hat hacker.

White hat hackers are sometimes referred to as “ethical hackers”. While these hackers usually use the same techniques as black hat hackers, they usually have permission from the site owner, making them legal to hack. White hats are often used to improve platform safety.

Mohan also added that the platform will continue to work with its partners, intelligence firms and law enforcement agencies to fully punish all other perpetrators in accordance with the law.

The Nomad bridge hack, which resulted in the theft of more than $200 million, took place on August 2. This incident was the largest in the history of crypto hacks.

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