NFTs On Instagram: Testing Details

Social network Instagram has begun testing NFT support for a limited audience of users.

Pilot participants will be able to set NFT as their profile photo. You just need to connect a digital wallet and choose a nonfungible token. So far, the social network will not charge commissions.

Instagram announced that the privacy policy will be updated to increase the level of account and crypto wallet security.

After the token is published, it will be possible to check all publicly available information about it from the blockchain thanks to the “flicker effect”. Ethereum and Polygon tokens are currently supported, with Flow and Solana added at a later date.

From the wallets for connection, Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Dapper and Phantom will be available.

Meta said that the functionality related to non-fungible tokens will also appear in Facebook. On Instagram, users will be able to use augmented reality NFTs in Stories via SparkAR.

The development team will continue to work on adding new features.

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