NFTs in Space, Forgotten CryptoPunks and Unifty Decentralization: Hottest News on the Market

NFTs flew to the International Space Station and back, more than 300 CryptoPunks, perhaps no one else will ever see, and the Italians decided to immortalize their film on the blockchain.

NFTs in space

On July 28, the recording of “Clair de Lune” by composer Claude Debussy was streamed to and from the International Space Station. It’s the first time when the NFT “entered the Earth’s orbit”.

The project was successful thanks to the partnership between Artemis Music Entertainment and the space services company Nanoracks LLC. Two firms minted the track as a nonfungible token after it was written to the hard drive of the station on Earth’s orbit.

Artemis Music co-founder Bob Richards noted that the composition “Clair de Lune” is perhaps the most representative of the emotions, awe and wonder that space travellers experience.

Clair de Lune was written by Claude Debussy in 1905. And into space was sent an interpreted version of this composition from the classic Hong Kong pianist Vin-Chong Kam, which was recorded on July 19, 2021.

Richards said that Artemis plans to sell this NFT in the future. The funds received will be sent to the Artemis Music Foundation to support future space projects.

In addition to Debussy’s composition on July 28, Mickey Johnson’s work, depicting a black child astronaut nicknamed “Aku”, was sent to the space station in Earth’s orbit in the form of NFT.

Users forgot about 342 CryptoPunks

The four wallets containing 342 CryptoPunks prize money have been inactive for at least three years.

The founder of the NFT Masterpiece marketplace, Jereon Hesp, upon discovering this, suggested that the owners of these wallets simply lost access to them. 

Italian film scenes turned into NFT with EY OpsChain

Blockchain startup CinTech has created NFTs dedicated to 22 main scenes from the 2012 Italian film La Leggenda Di Kaspar Kauser.

The tokens were minted using EY OpsChain from Ernst&Young (EY). EY staff helped formulate the sales process and NFT strategy for the Italian film.

CinTech founders Renato Pezzi, Jacopo and Nicolo Lucignano have announced that a part of the profit earned from the token sale will be used to fund a documentary on the NFT sector.

Unifty announced decentralization of governance

NFT’s marketplace, Unifty, has announced the decentralization of governance.

Since August 3rd, the Unifty platform has been using its own NIF token exclusively for the management. And the new UNT utility token will be used to pay commissions and other use cases.

The new token will be issued to NIF members as a reward. And also for participation in the management process, users will be able to receive additional UNTs.

Unifty currently operates on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, xDai, and Avalanche.

UN will create an NFT marketplace on Polkadot

The United Nations (UN) is planning to transform the work of young artists whose work is related to the theme of climate change into NFTs. The organization decided to build the NFT Unique marketplace based on the Polkadot para chain.

Dubbed Digital Art for Climate Action Empowerment or DigitalArt4Climate, the UN envisioned inspiring people to find better solutions to save and improve the environment.

Earlier, the launch of Mila Kunis’s NFT project Stoner Cats caused havoc on the Ethereum network. All tokens were sold out in just 35 minutes after the launch. After the first tranche of Stoner Cats was sold out with a limit of 10,420 NFTs at 0.35 ETH each ($804), prices have skyrocketed.

At the moment, Stoner Cat’s NFT featuring Buterin’s character is on sale for 77 ETH, worth approximately $177,000 – a percentage mark-up of around 9,500%. An NFT featuring the character of Seth MacFarlane sells for 420 ETH, or more than $960,000. The organizers of the project promised that 3,000 more new NFTs will be released soon.

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