NFT Paintings of Da Vinci and Van Gogh Will Be Sold at Auction

Binance NFT Market together with the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg will create and sell at auction tokenized paintings by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh and others.

According to the press release, they plan to create NFT-copies of the paintings “Madonna Litta” by Leonardo da Vinci, “Lilac Bush” by Vincent van Gogh, “Garden Corner” by Claude Monet, “Composition VI” by Wassily Kandinsky and “Judith” by Giorgione. Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky will apply his signature, date and exact time of signing at each of the tokens, giving them absolute uniqueness, immortalized in the blockchain.

There will be only two NFT copies of the paintings. One of them will remain in the storage of the museum, and the second one will be sold at the Binance NFT Market.

All users will be able to take part in the auction, and the profit will be transferred to the Hermitage.

In addition, a separate NFT exhibition is planned in the Winter Palace of the Hermitage at the end of August 2021 where the tokenized copies will be presented.

This is not the first time that famous paintings are being tokenized. Earlier, the Swiss regulated cryptocurrency bank Sygnum announced its intention to tokenize Pablo Picasso’s painting Fillette au béret (Little Girl in a Beret).

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