NFT News: Rapper Biggie Comes to Life in NFTs, New Collections of World-Famous Artists and AI-Powered NFTs

The world of NFT never ceases to amaze, despite the decline in popular interest. Artists with a worldwide reputation for “traditional” art have turned their attention to NFT and are releasing new collections. It seems that more and more rare and valuable non-fungible tokens appear in the flooded ocean. Here is a small selection of what already or in the near future can be found on the market:

Eternal memory Biggie

NFT platform OneOf has teamed up with The Christopher Wallace Estate to launch a collection of non-fungible tokens called The Sky’s the Limit: The Notorious B.I.G, dedicated to the great rap genius who conquered the global hip-hop scene in the early 1990s, Christopher Wallace – also known as Biggie Smalls (Biggie Smalls) or The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie released his first demo in 1991, and in just a couple of years, he became a world hip-hop star. If his life had not been cut short by a killer in 1997, probably he would still inspire the public with new frank and sharp rhymes.

Biggie’s former manager and estate spokesman Wayne Barrow told NFT Now that the collection is important not only because it will delight the existing fans, but also because it can bring Biggie’s work to younger generations who may not be familiar with him. 

The collection was created on the Tezos blockchain. It is based on three works by Biggie himself, each named after one of his songs: “Richer than Richie”, “Business Instead of Game” and “Brooklyn Bandit”. There are 3000 NFTs in total in the collection. The minimum cost of one token is $113, and the maximum, at the time of writing, is $5,000.

NFT holders are given the right to collectively license the sound of one of his most famous freestyles, Fulton Street Freestyle, filmed on the streets of Brooklyn in 1997. In addition, they receive membership access to the new Sky’s the Limit collective and VIP access to all The Notorious B.I.G events in the metaverse.

Stickmen Toys

Warner Records UK is partnering with audio brand Bose to launch a collection of 5,000 utility-enabled audiovisual NFTs.

Each NFT will have a number of unique visual differences and its own unique music track. Owners of these NFTs will have full creative and commercial rights to use them as they see fit.

In addition, Bose is giving away unique, limited-edition ‘Stickmen Toys’ themed headphones and Bluetooth speakers to owners of these NFTs. And in the future, NFT owners will be able to get some more products from the company for free.

Collection Lepidopterror

British artist Maxim, best known for his work as part of the pioneering electronic music group The Prodigy, is launching a new NFT collection, Lepidopterror.

The collection consists of 888 still images of butterflies of various rarities. The 150 butterflies in the collection will be divided into unique categories, while the remaining 738 butterflies will be labeled “Citizens”.


British artist Patrick Hughes, whose work has delighted the world’s art connoisseurs for 60 years, is launching an NFT collection called Reversspectives on MakersPlace.

The artist’s paintings are known for their unique perspective. If you look at the picture from different angles, you can see how they take on a three-dimensional appearance. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what his NFT paintings will look like.

HARTi and Mitsui Sumitomo introduce NFT insurance

Japanese NFT platform HARTi and insurance group Mitsui Sumitomo (三井住友海上) will issue a non-fungible token or NFT to ensure all digital artworks listed on the HARTi marketplace.

According to Cointelegraph, insurance will come with NFT products listed by sellers for free, and HARTi will be responsible for premium payments.

Mitsui Sumitomo undertakes to compensate the owners of insured NFTs if their digital assets are compromised by unauthorized access by third parties. For example, if NFTs are compromised through phishing, theft or wallet hacking.

The amount of compensation will depend on the value of the non-fungible token and could reach 500,000 yen ($3,661).

Altered State Machine wants to endow the NFT with artificial intelligence

The Altered State Machine (ASM) platform, together with Authentic Brands Group, the owner of Muhammed Ali Enterprises, in collaboration with Lonnie Ali, a trustee of the Muhammad Ali Family Foundation, plans to launch a game in late 2022, whose characters will be endowed with AI.

According to NFT Now, a new game called The Next Legends will feature NFT characters with AI brains from ASM. Players will be able to train their characters, each with a randomized set of skills, to better develop the abilities (such as punches, uppercuts, and stamina) needed to win boxing matches.

So far, this idea sounds interesting at the pioneering stage. But let’s see how it turns out to be in reality.

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