NFT News: Metaverse Strategy, NFTs Save Africa, 3D NFTs and New Collections

The world of NFT does not stand still and develops not only in the amount of new collections but also in their quality. Here are some recent news from the world of NFTs that you should pay attention to:

MetaMundo – 3D NFT Marketplace

In the new MetaMundo marketplace, users will have access to NFTs from 3D artists, architects and designers.

MetaMundo built the NFT architecture on the Ethereum blockchain, which is specifically designed to support 3D files and interact with various metaverses. The use of a flexible metadata structure allows multiple 3D files to be included in one NFT.

Users will be able to view and interact with 3D files before making a purchase. The creators of the site attracted the collaboration of Dutch artist NFT Dutchtide, American modernist architect Luis Fernandez and Metaverse architect Mila Lolli.

The first editions of MetaMundo 3D NFT will include a Japanese Zen art gallery inspired by the brutalist architecture of Dutchtide and a luxury oceanfront villa designed by Fernandez.

Dubai’s “Metaverse Strategy”

On Monday, Emirates News Agency reported on the launch of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai’s Metaverse strategy will include Research and Development (R&D) collaboration to increase the economic contribution of the Metaverse, use of accelerators and incubators to attract companies and projects from overseas, and support for Metaverse training aimed at developers, content creators and users digital platforms to the metaverse community.

As part of the Strategy, they promise to create new state models of work in the field of tourism, education, retail, remote work, healthcare and the legal sector.

NFTree Can Help Africa Fight Land Degradation

Metaverse platform Kaloscope recently announced its intention to launch a project called The Great NFTrees.

The Great NFTrees project will allow users to purchase NFT trees linked to geotagged locations of real trees planted on Africa’s Great Green Wall.

The Great Green Wall is the world’s largest carbon sequestration project, which aims to grow one trillion trees on an 8,000-kilometer piece of land in Africa.

NFT trees will be linked to one of the three types of trees planted by the Great Green Wall: Baobab, Acacia, and Shea. After making a purchase, collectors will be able to display their digital assets in their own unique space of the Kaloscope metaverse. And because each tree is geotagged, collectors will know exactly where their sustainable purchase is in the Great Green Wall.

Talented Filipino Autistic Artist Makes An NFT Debut

Filipino autistic artist Vico Chama launches his first NFT collection Shoebox Sketches.

He won the 2019 Paralym World Art Championship, an annual art exhibition for people with disabilities, and has worked for many years to create a better, more inclusive world for disabled artists.

The Shoebox collection is entirely hand-drawn. And that made this particular collection an ideal candidate for the main NFT collection. No built-in traits, no items of varying rarity – each item in the collection is completely unique. Each NFT in the collection also grants the owner access to the physical counterpart of each NFT along with the digital asset.

Rekt Guy Collection

The Rekt Guy collection was created by influential NFT collector and former Wall Street trader OSF and launched on May 21, 2022. The collection is based on a character created by OSF and embodies the crypto/NFT culture. The term “rekt” means complete annihilation or destruction, especially in the event of a loss of investment.

Rekt Guy is a unique player in the CC0 sector of the NFT market. While the project does not offer its holders any roadmap or utility like CrypToadz or mfers, it is characterized as both a meme and a symbol of unity within the OSF community.

Some NFTs from the collection have already been acquired by influential investor Cozomo de’ Medici and rap icon Snoop Dogg. So the project has already become a kind of status symbol.

SOULS Collection

The SOULS NFT collection was created by pop star Sia and renowned artist David O. Reilly. Each NFT has a wide range of attributes including name, voice, color pattern and more, and they all live in the SOULS GALAXY where they can be used to create music voiced by Sia.

Starting as a series of simple colourful paintings the pop star painted over 15 years ago SOULS has since grown into a vast collection of never-before-seen digital creatures said to have been created with love and shaped by two friends. SOULS NFTs are virtual interactive objects with varying degrees of rarity that can be displayed individually, downloaded in JPEGS, GLBS, or GIF format and used as real augmented reality objects in IOS.

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