NFT News: Lots of New Collections, Playboy Opens ‘MetaMansion’, and GameStop Launches Its Own NFT Marketplace

Marsbase DeFi Platform Launches ADAM-X NFT Collection

Decentralized platform for OTC transactions Marsbase has released its own NFT collection ADAM-X, whose tokens provide their owners with special opportunities.

A total of 2,000 NFTs have been created on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT holders will enjoy a mind-blowing discount on Marsbase fees, unique access to the MBase token pre-sales, as well as access to closed communities and increased staking income.

NFTs will be available in multiple public drops from July to December 2022, all you have to do is meet a few community requirements to participate.

GameStop launches its own NFT marketplace

The American retailer of video games, consumer electronics and gaming products, GameStop, launched the NFT marketplace.

According to the principle of interaction with the platform, the new website is no different from its competitors, but GameStop offers users low fees and high transaction speed.

In addition, users will have access to NFT statistics and useful educational materials on the industry from the basics of NFT to guides on connecting a wallet and using the site.

The application is built on L2 Ethereum, so you can freely connect an Ethereum compatible wallet.

At the time of writing, 236 NFT collections were available on the website. And since this is only a beta version of the application, there may be some glitches. But they will be eliminated completely after a full-scale launch.

Playboy Opens MetaMansion at The Sandbox

Playboy is launching a virtual version of the well-known estate in The Sandbox metaverse called MetaMansion.

This virtual estate will host various gaming and social events, as well as NFT collection releases.

In addition, NFT owners of Playboy Rabbitars collection, launched in the October 2021, will automatically have access to MetaMansion.

Unfortunately, the exact launch date is not yet known.

The Sandbox team also noted that Metaverse users will be able to purchase adjacent NFT lots near MetaMansion towards the end of this quarter.

U.S. Trademark and Copyright Offices Studying NFTs

The US Patent and Trademark Office and the US Copyright Office are about to start a study on the impact of NFTs on intellectual property rights.

The agency’s interest in the NFT was sparked by a request submitted by Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Tillis in June 2022. They asked to explore as much as possible the possible implications that NFTs could have on intellectual property rights.

The study will address questions regarding problems that may arise with:

  • intellectual property issues with future NFT applications;
  • transfer of ownership of the NFT;
  • license rights and violations;
  • potential intellectual property rights granted to NFT creators.


Up for sale at Christie’s from July 8-21 is the Trespassing Collection, created by NFT art collector and curator Ronnie K. Pirovino in collaboration with FVCKRENDER, Banksy, Kaws and more.

The collection includes art by KAWS, Banksy and Invader. As stated in the description, the collection displays the rebellious fiery energy of graffiti and NFT artists, for whom the creation of their work sometimes requires them to illegally enter another territory.


Spanish artist Antonio Garcia Villarán announced the release of the Metaversical collection, through which he hopes to explore the relationship between the metaversal and the physical planes of reality.

The launch will take place on MakersPlace on July 14 at 6:30 pm ET. The artist will offer buyers a choice of two types of work: in digital form (NFT) and in the form of a real physically recreated work.

The author asks in this way to think about what kind of work is a “real work of art”.

Our Own Universe

Artist Fran Rodriguez decided to captivate the audience with a space odyssey. To do this, she will launch an NFT collection on Nifty Gateway on July 16 at 6:30 pm ET.

Rodriguez wants to convey a sense of wonder associated with the discovery of a new world through each work of art. She is sure that such a feeling is sealed in memory, and immortalized with the help of blockchain technology, it seems to be sealed in a “time capsule” and can be transferred to the future.

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