NFT News: Lacoste’s DAO, Bored Apes sold for 1024 ETH, Yahoo Metaverse events and more

Fashion brand Lacoste is launching its own NFT project and DAO, Bored Apes has set a new NFT value record, the Governor of Colorado is using non-fungible tokens to raise campaign funds, and Yahoo is hosting a series of metaverse events for the people of Hong Kong.

Lacoste launches NFTs and DAOs

The Lacoste brand launched an NFT project called “Undw3” and a decentralized autonomous organization that will offer token holders voting rights on certain products and business partnerships.

The brand decided to release only 11,212 NFTs, as a tribute to the popular L1212 polo shirt. The tokens were sold at a minimum value of 0.08 ETH. But the very next day, the minimum price for OpenSea rose to 0.193 ETH.

Created by the company, DAO will allow users to participate in the “creative process” for a number of products and partnerships within the Lacoste Underwater line. In addition, NFT owners will be given the opportunity to use the unique customization features of the Lacoste clothing line.

Bored Ape bought for 1024 ETH

Despite the decline in interest in the NFT market, a buyer under the pseudonym BoredWEB3 paid 1024 ETH ($1.22 million) for Ape #7537.

This was an incredible stroke of luck for the seller, alias DB1C00, as he made a profit of 921.12 ETH from this trade. He bought NFT on March 22, and just a few months before, this nonfungible token was worth just 40.99 ETH.

This particular BAYC NFT has a few rare traits like a police motorcycle helmet (1% have this trait), bandolier (2% have this trait) and closed eyes (7% have this trait).

Colorado Governor Raises Funds Through NFT Sales

Incumbent Colorado Governor and Democrat Jared Polis launched the 2022 NFT as part of a fundraising campaign ahead of the November election.

The tokens were released on June 13 at a price of $52.80 each. At the time of writing, there were still 1,880 NFTs left for sale. If they all sell out, Polis will raise more than $118,000 for his upcoming campaign.

OpenSea moves to Seaport

NFT platform OpenSea announced a move to the Seaport protocol that will, among other things, lower gas fees, offer the ability to bid on an entire collection at once, eliminate the initialization fee for a new account, and provide more user-friendly signing options.

According to the developers, based on last year’s data, users can save up to 138,000 ETH on transactions (~$146.3 million at the current exchange rate). Fees will be reduced by about 35%.

The attribute offer option will initially be available for the top 100 token collections by 30-day trading volume.

Vulnerability found in older versions of the MetaMask wallet

Security researchers at Halborn discovered a vulnerability in most browser wallets, including MetaMask.

According to the researchers, under certain conditions, the secret recovery phrase from the wallet could be extracted from the disk of a hacked computer.

And although the developers fixed the vulnerability in MetaMask Extension 10.11.3, users with an unencrypted hard drive are at risk, as well as if the recovery phrase was imported on someone else’s device, if the computer was hacked, or if the “show secret recovery phrase” checkbox was used to view the text on the screen.

According to the MetaMask team, the problem is that browsers do not consider attacks with physical access as a threat and store all text inputs in the device’s memory. The risk can be completely eliminated only by full disk encryption.

Among other recommendations of the developers: clearing the browser cache and anti-virus protection of the computer.

Yahoo Launches Decentraland Events for Hong Kong Residents

The American Internet media company Yahoo announced a series of virtual events and concerts for Hong Kong residents in the Decentraland metaverse.

Due to the introduction of COVID restrictions in Hong Kong, which require a negative Covid test result to enter public places, many residents remain in isolation. So Yahoo decided to use the metaverse to bring people together.

Among the planned events, Yahoo will launch an NFT exhibition called The Abyss of Kwun Tong, where local artists will virtually recreate the Kwun Tong Historic District.

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