NFT embedded in DNA, new games and other NFT news

Polygon will collaborate with GameOn to create NFT games, an Irish producer is launching an NFT firm to fund films, and the Star Trek creator’s NFT signature has been implanted into the DNA of a living organism.

Silk Road organized an NFT auction

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht launched the NFT auction, with trading volume exceeding 261 ETH (over $1.19 million at the time of writing).

An NFT featuring a psychedelic eye was put up for auction. Ulbricht’s NFT is part of a collection of nine other works of art, some of which he created while in prison. The auction kicked off on the first day of Art Basil Miami on December 2 and is hosted by SuperRare.

All proceeds from the sale will go to a fund to support Ulbricht’s struggle to free him from his double life imprisonment, and will also help launch the donor-sponsored charity Art4Giving, which aims to help prisoners and their families.

NFT with 90% discount

The creator of the NFT “Ringers” collection Dmitry Chernyak offered to sell one of his NFTs worth $225,000 for only $20.

It’s not clear if the offer was a joke or if the artist was serious about selling one of his NFTs for $20. But Chernyak posted a tweet in which he wrote: “Ringers # 0 are up for sale for $20.” Despite the minimum price tag for NFT Ringers, which is currently 50 ETH or $225,000 on OpenSea, the artist noted that no one accepted his offer.

Polygon launches NFT games

Polygon (MATIC) and its gaming division Polygon Studios have entered into a strategic partnership with GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc. to create NFT games.

According to the announcement, as part of the deal, GameOn will launch a series of NFT games on the Polygon network, and Polygon Studios will provide funding to cover 50% of GameOn’s ongoing product development costs.

The investment from Polygon Studios is part of a $100 million fund announced earlier this year to support Web3 projects, currently with investments including DraftKings, DeFine and GameOn.

NFT Film Funding

The executive producer of Martin Scorsese’s hit film The Irishman, Nils Juul, has set up a new company that seeks to fund Hollywood films through NFT sales.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new firm is dubbed “NFT Studios” and is already planning to fund a new comedy-drama film from NFT sales called “A Wing and a Prayer.”

Star Trek NFT implanted into the DNA

Back in 1965, Gene Roddenberry signed with Desilu Productions to fund Star Trek. On November 30, 2021, this signature was converted into an NFT and implanted into the DNA code of a living bacterial cell – 30 years after the death of the science fiction legend.

Roddenberry Entertainment describes it as the first-ever “Living Eco-NFT”. The token will reproduce and grow along with the division of the body’s cells.

As long as the bacteria remain alive, the cell can double at a rate that will create over a billion Eco-NFT copies overnight.

It will be exhibited as a work of art called “El Primero” – Spanish for “The First” – in Miami during Art Basel 2021.

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