NFT Avatars With Replaceable Clothes Will Be a Thing Soon

Genies, a team of developers that create personalized avatars, managed to attract $65 millions investment to launch an NFT platform in their series B investment round. This platform will allow users creating and selling NFT avatars. Their clothing items will be available to buy and sell as NFTs as well.

Genies claim that they want to create a unique space for people to express themselves in the virtual metaverse. The beta version of their platform is scheduled for a launch in the third quarter of 2021. Earlier they were focused on creating personalized avatars for celebrities but now they want to embrace a wider audience.
Akash Nigam, the Genius’s CEO, assures that the instruments for creating the NFT avatars will be so simple and intuitively understandable that a child of 6 will be able to use them. To create the platform, Genius partnered with Dapper Labs and will use the Flow blockchain.

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