NFT Artist Blow Up Lamborghini to Protest the Get-Rich-Quick Culture in Crypto Community 

An artist with the pseudonym Shl0ms blew up a $250,000 Lamborghini Huracán in protest of the get-rich-quick culture popular in the crypto community.

A used high mileage Lamborghini Huracán was blown up on February 2, 2022, in the American desert. Before the “premiere”, the team, led by a bomb specialist, conducted various tests for two weeks, including destroying another car.

Shl0ms filmed the charred parts of the Lamborghini, which he later used to produce the 999 NFT.

The auction of the $CAR NFT collection is scheduled for February 25 on the digital artist platform. About $1 million was spent on the creation of the project. 888 NFTs will be put up for sale, while the remaining 111 tokens are left for the team and the initial investor.

The artist will use the funds received to create a non-profit DAO, consisting of “ethically-minded” participants, writes The Block.

The artist’s choice fell on the Lamborghini, as for him this sports car represents “quick money for those involved in cryptocurrency.” And he just hates this brand of cars.

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