Mt. Gox’s Creditors Will Vote for the New Rehabilitation Plan

The Mt. Gox’s trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, announced that the new plan for the exchange’s rehabilitation was approved by the Tokio court. Now the creditors will have to vote for it. The plan was approved by the court on February, 22nd. Creditors will be able to vote online, per email or personally. The announcement of the results will take place on October, 20th.

The lists of the voters will be approved on March, 24th. According to the plan of allocating the assets, those creditors who expect a return from the exchange in smaller amounts in fiat will have the top priority.
Creditors who made a complaint will receive their assets back in their initial form if it was BTC, BCH, or fiat currencies. Other assets will be liquidated and paid off in fiat. Back in December, Nobuaki Kobayashi sent the plan of allocating the assets left on the exchange’s wallets to the court. The creditors looked forward to receiving the compensation since 2014 when 850,000 BTC were stolen from the exchange.

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