Mt.Gox Trustee Scheduled the Deadline For the Bitcoin Refund

Once scandalous Mt.Gox exchange whose customers were robbed by the hackers in 2014 opens a voting on refunding the stolen Bitcoins. The voting ends on October 8th, 2021. The victims can choose how they want to receive them – in Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash or fiat money. This was announced by Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trustee of Mt.Gox, in the official document.

Those who won’t take part in the voting will be considered as voting against the refund. The plan in refunding will be relevant if at least half of those who suffered from a hack participate in voting. Those who request for fiat will have a top priority to receive the compensation. However, they can claim to receive 21% of Bitcoins they lost if the payment in fiat won’t satisfy them. 

Each creditor will also receive a $1,920 compensation payment. The creditors can also claim for receiving the refund in the other percentage that will come clear afterwards. The trial still goes on so Mt.Gox isn’t able to make a full refund. The hack took away 850,000 Bitcoins (7% of the entire Mt.Gox’s balance) but 20,000 of them were restored.

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